Just because it’s fun to know more details about the person behind the blog …

♥︎ I’m a petite girl. My height is 4’11 “.

♥︎ ︎ I love cats; currently I have two: Minnie & Coco.

♥︎ ︎ My boyfriend and I have been together for nine years.

♥︎ The beach is my favorite place. It makes my soul happy.

♥︎ ︎ I make a list for everything. I’m very organized.

♥︎ ︎ I have several scars on my body, since I had numerous surgeries throughout my life.

♥︎ ︎ I love to surround myself and share with happy people.

♥︎ ︎ For me, music fixes everything.

♥︎ ︎ I’m a hopeless romantic.

♥︎ ︎ I love shoes but I’m size 4.

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