Interested in a nice and different necklace for summer? A statement necklace that you can combine and use in both special and daily events? You can have it in a very simple way! How? You are going to create a necklace at home, made by you, unique and in your style. Learn how to create your own necklace with cheerful colors for this summer with this easy tutorial.

  1. Materials. You will need: a scissors, transparent elastic thread for jewelry and stones for necklaces. When it comes to work you should have all the materials at hand. I got them in a craft store and chose the stones based on what I wanted.
  2. Procedure. Measure the thread according to the length you want the necklace and cut it. Then proceed to insert the stones according to your taste. When you finish make a knot to seal your work and walá! Super easy right!

Crafts are ideal for developing concentration and decreasing stress, stimulating creativity and perseverance. It is a way of expressing your tastes, creativity and individuality. But remember that the important thing is to have fun and put your imagination to flight. Good luck!

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