Hello girls! As many of you know, this publication is part of a collaboration between several Puerto Rican bloggers. All of us will be talking about summer issues; I will talk about the essentials for summer days.

The warm weather is already here and I feel super excited, not only because it is my favorite time, also because it’s my birthday and I love the days of sun, beach and sand. Summer days are perfect, blue skies, bright sunshine, fresh fruits … But they will be much more perfect if we are prepared with some essentials like these.

♥︎ Water

It may seem logical, but drinking water when we are in summer is very important. When a good climate arrives we spend more time outdoors, we move often and with the increase in temperatures we dehydrate more frequently and quickly. It is important to stay hydrated, not only for the good functioning of our body, but also for our skin to remain radiant. Remember to bring water with you always and to hydrate!

♥︎ Sunblock

We can never miss this! Taking care of our skin is fundamental, even more so when we expose ourselves so often in the sun. This is the source of life, it gives us warmth, energy and joy. However, keep in mind that it can affect our skin if we do not protect it. Using sunscreen helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and skin cancer.

♥︎ Beach Bag

It’s key to have a beach bag for the summer. These are comfortable, large and the reality is that they make our lives much easier when it comes to visiting the beach. Choosing the ideal handbag is not a difficult task, as there are many models, different styles and materials. My favorites are those of straw because they are stylized and go with any type of swimsuit.

♥︎ Big Blouse

One piece that can not be missing in your closet this summer is a big blouse. They are very light, fresh and versatile. They are ideal when going to the beach, because we can use it in many ways, from cover up on the swimsuit, like a dress or shirt if combined with a pair of pants. They are super cute and you will get a lot of it!

♥︎ Straw Hat

As I pointed out earlier, protecting the skin from the sun is very important and the hat has a main purpose: protect our face from the sun. For this, having a hat for this time is ideal. In addition, they are very practical, comfortable and an excellent complement to any outfit.

♥︎ Sunglasses

The sunglasses are much more than a simple complement. In addition to giving us personality, they protect our eyes from the sun, because believe it or not, the sun’s rays can affect the eyesight and cause serious damages. At this time the rays are much stronger, so it is necessary to wear sunglasses.

♥︎ Dry Shampoo

With so much heat it’s difficult not to wash our hair daily, but as we know this is very bad. Dry shampoo is very useful as it absorbs the oil that makes the hair look greasy, refreshes it and delays the need to wash it daily. It also adds volume and redefines the texture, which is excellent for styling the hair.

♥︎ Argan Oil

In this season our hair is extremely affected by the heat, the beach and swimming pools, which leaves it dry and opaque. Therefore, it’s very important to pay attention and moisturize it. It has been proven that argan oil has countless benefits and properties for hair. Include it in your routine so that your hair stays strong, healthy and looks soft and silky.

♥︎ Lip Balm

The skin of the lips is much finer than the rest of the face, that is why it dehydrates more easily and frequently. Having moisturized lips is necessary, but in this hot weather it can be a bit difficult. It is advisable to keep them moisturized with a good lip balm to protect and nourish them. Always carry one in your bag so you never miss it.

♥︎ Waterproof Mascara

Personally I have always preferred waterproof mascara, because they keep the curls in the eyelashes much better. But in hot weather it is imperative to use them if we do not want to end up looking like a panda. Also, it’s perfect if you go to the beach or a very hot place, this way your eyelashes will remain intact.

♥︎ Gel Moisturizer 

With the changes of seasons we must vary our regime of beauty. For this time it’s recommended to use gel products, as they are easily absorbed, have no oil or create a greasy residue. Look for a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. The gel formula is very light and refreshing for the skin, which makes them ideal for this time..

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