Many times we talk about self love and its importance. However, it’s often difficult for us to love and accept ourselves. We are human and we don’t always feel the same, but it’s important that this love never weakens. It’s essential to learn to love ourselves, since we must love us first to then love others. Only in this way will we be able to love fully. If we really want to have self esteem we must begin with the conscious decision to have compassion for ourselves, appreciate us and recognize our value. Also, decide to be happy and lead a full life.

In the long way of learning about myself, working in self esteem and appreciating myself, I have discovered some tips that applying them daily have helped me a lot.

♥ ︎TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. It is important that you strengthen it with a good diet and exercises. Take vitamins to be the healthiest version you can be. This is not only good for your physic, but for your general well being, soul and mental health. Your body is a temple, treat it with love and take care of it. Remember, no one is perfect!

♥︎ HAVE FUN. Do not take life too seriously. Take your time, adventure, travel, go out, dance and discover new things. Enjoy, relax and stop worrying about everything.

♥ ELIMINATE SELF-CRITICISM. If there is something that affects the perception of yourself it’s self criticism. Eliminate it altogether because if it’s negative it doesn’t benefit you. Instead of criticizing yourself praise yourself and look for positive things that you like very much about yourself.

♥ RELAX. Take time and space for you. Listen to music, pamper yourself, put on your favorite masks or enjoy a nice glass of wine next to a beautiful view.

♥ CULTIVATE YOUR GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS. Work for those things you’ve always wanted and build the life you want to have. Always keep an agenda, plan your days and stay organized so that you can gradually accomplish your goals.

♥︎ FORGIVE. We all make mistakes, from these we learn and there is really no need to punish ourselves for it. It’s very important to learn to forgive ourselves so we can move forward without being bound.

♥ TRUST YOURSELF. Have confidence in what you can achieve, in your skills, abilities and knowledge. Only you have the power to change your life and total control of it.

♥ DON’T COMPARE YOU WITH OTHERS. We are all different, you are unique and special. There is no need to degrade yourself by comparing yourself to other people.

♥ BE POSITIVE. When you change the perspective of things and start thinking positively everything changes. Not only will the love for yourself increase but the course of your life. Everyday when you wake up say yes to whatever happens.

♥ SHARE WITH PEOPLE WHO APPRECIATE YOU. Surrounding us with people who appreciate us we feel much more comfortable and really happy. Share more with friends, family or partners and give them quality time.

♥ SPEND TIME ALONE. Even if its Netflix, visiting a beach or go shopping. Spend time alone, doing whatever you want, it will relax you and make you happy.

♥ TAKE PHOTOS. Take a lot of them! This will increase your self esteem, perception and self confidence.

♥ KEEP CONTACT WITH NATURE. Personally, sharing with nature fills my soul, makes me very happy and comfort me. Take the time to visit the beach, go on road trip, water the plants or appreciate the moon. These simple things will relax you and make your day much happier.

♥ PAMPER YOURSELF. From time to time buy yourself something that you like even if you don’t need it and have a little indulgence. Whether it’s a lollipop or those shoes you’ve always wanted.

♥ SMILE MORE. Believe me, this simple action will not only change your life, also of those around you. Everyone will be happier. You will look much more beautiful. Apply it in your day by day without fail!

♥ DO THINGS THAT REALLY MAKE YOU HAPPY. Many times we get involved in pleasing others, be it family, couples or children, and carrying out a routine. But ask yourself: when was the last time that I did something that really made me happy? Analyze this situation and try to maintain a balance where your happiness is included.

Love yourself, enjoy life and remember that what you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you!

Stay beautiful and kind!

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