The climate is becoming cooler and we prepare to say goodbye to the summer. On the other hand, we look forward to the next season. In this publication I share the trends that were my favorite in this summer 2017. Let me know which ones you loved!

· Stripes ·

For me, there is no summer without stripes! There is no other elegant, fresh and summery print than these. They definitely add a lot of style to any outfit regardless of the season, but in summer the white and blue stripes are just perfect.

· White everything ·

There is something about a white set that scream summer. Whether it is to visit the beach, the city or for a walk on a Sunday, there is no other color that looks fresher and more delicate.

· Off shoulder ·

One of the most outstanding trends of this summer were sleeveless shirts. These look very flirty, stylish and attractive. In addition, they are very comfortable and can be styled easily.

· Bright lips ·

What I love about bright lipsticks is that they are super feminine but at the same time graphics and modern. A good lipstick totally changes any look and what a better season to use them than in summer.

· Layering necklaces ·

Talking about layers seems impossible in summer, but if it comes to necklaces it is not. Using this style of jewelry is ideal as they provide glamor and enhance any outfit.

· Natural glowing makeup ·

All makeup lovers know that summer is not the best season to use the trends of our favorite makeup. With so much heat, it literally melts and all the work is lost. Which leads us to opt for a lighter and more natural makeup. This summer was all about a very natural and luminous look, which, I must confess, has become my favorite.

· Statement purses ·

These type of wallets are very fun, just like the summer, which makes them perfect for the season. Equally, they give that unique touch and of art to any attire.

· Straw hats ·

The simplicity and elegance of these hats makes them my favorite for summer. Not only do they protect you from the sun, they also give that stylized detail to your outfit.

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