Since I use makeup I always found it difficult to get a foundation that I really like for the daily. There are many in the market, in fact there is a great variety, but I rarely have the perfect one for daily use. In the day to day I like to use light foundations, that cover imperfections without feeling heavy, that my skin shows up and breathes. A few weeks ago I was shopping when I found the Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free + Balance Foundation. It called my attention the formula that is in bar and that is shine free. As I have combination skin everything that says shine free I’ll try it.

I have been using it daily for about two or three weeks and I really love it. It has a light to medium coverage, in the center it keeps a mattifying gel, which makes it perfect for this summer season and for oily skin. It’s super easy to apply and blur. It’s bar formula saves you a lot of time in the application, since it is simpler and faster. When applied in the skin it feels soft and smooth. I like how it covers the imperfections while it’s light enough to allow my skin to show and breathe. For me it’s ideal for daily because we spend many hours with makeup and I don’t like, nor is it good, to have a very strong or heavy foundation for so long. This foundation has worked wonderfully for me and I think is perfect for the daily. I highly recommend it. You will look beautiful and natural!

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