As you may know, I’m a freak as far as skin care is concerned and I’m always looking for new options. My skin is mixed, but since I turned 25 my skin has changed and is now a little drier. For this reason, for some time I have been looking for a good mask to moisturize my face well. When I looked for information on this type of masks, this appeared several times and with very good recommendations. I decided to go buy it, but the cost of one fluctuates between 7 to 12 dollars (ONE!!!), so I preferred to search it on amazon. I was totally surprised, since I was able to buy a pack of 11 face masks for only $ 12.00.

When they arrived I did not hesitate to quickly do a spa night and put them to the test. They are really very simple to use. The mask comes in the sealed package, when you open it you will find a delicate white paper (of fiber or cotton) with the shape of a face, soaked in a cream or transparent serum. It has a very nice smell, although the texture is not so much, as it is a bit sticky. You put the paper on the clean face and wala! It feels very refreshing and light on the skin. After 20-30 minutes you remove the mask gently, dispose of it (as it is for single use) and massage the remaining product into the skin.

At the end of the process the skin feel so good that you have the feeling of having left a spa. The face is soft, hydrated and luminous. These masks are so varied that each has a benefit, so you will be covered for whatever you need: purify, elasticity, pore care, soften, luminosity, among others. These masks have become my favorites for three simple reasons: they are fun, economic and give results. For this, I love them and sincerely recommend them!

This is not a sponsored post. The product mentioned above was bought with my own money. All opinions are genuine; I only recommend products that I like and really use. 

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